Sassy Seahorse
Ernestine Henry Festina Lente
Gesangsverein Waidhofen/Thaya 1964
Memory Muscle
Vergessene Schaman:innen
Rennfahrer und Frau
Neptune and Friends

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Cut-outs from found objects, various techniques and media. Smallest collage, Sassy Seahorse 20x30 cm;
Ongoing series since 2011 until today

Trivialities. Finding material from space, situations, from the physical and emotional status quo. Enabling storytelling. Cutting, pasting, and then, when you don‘t expect it or even want it, finding a subject, like a game with an imaginary friend. You could call them magical formulas of childhood. They serve as references to details from everyday life. „A forest one has foraged through. Exhausted, thus you compose your own rhyme from it.“

Auschnitte aus Gefundenem, Verschiedene Techniken und Medien. Kleinste Collage, Sassy Seahorse 20x30 cm;
Fortlaufende Serie seit 2011 bis Heute

Trivialitäten. Material aus dem Raum, aus Situationen, aus dem physischen und emotionalen Status quo finden. Geschichtenerzählen ermöglichen. Ausschneiden, einfügen, und dann, wenn man es nicht erwartet oder gar will, ein Thema finden, wie ein Spiel mit einem imaginären Freund. Man könnte sie als magische Formeln der Kindheit bezeichnen. Sie dienen als Verweis auf Details aus dem täglichen Leben. "Ein Wald, den man durchforstet hat. Erschöpft, so komponiert man daraus seinen eigenen Reim.

Gesangsverein Waidhofen/Thaya 1964 (2015)
handdrawing of a nude female modell, cut out of an old attendance sheet and newspaper, chalk, lipstick, pencil, cardboard 40 x 30 cm

Hedwig (2018)
cardboard, findings of an butterfly zoo, cut outs of newspaper, pencil, watercolour, chalk 30 x 25 cm

Ernestine Henry Festina Lente (2019)
old maps, leftovers, findings, cut outs of newspaper, watercolour, crayon, chulk, pen, bees wax, yellowed paper 40 x 35 cm

Landflucht (2023)
cardboard, piece of wood, gummi arabicum, cut outs from different old books, pencil, chulk, watercolour 30 x 30 cm

Muscle Memory (2015)
dried poppy petals, paper, watercolour, pencil, crayon, pen, gummi arabicum 25 x 30 cm

Neptune and Friends (2017)
Cardboard, found and collected butterfly wings, natural glue, crayons, pen, magazine cut outs, found strings and plastik particles, cut outs of mythology books 60 x 40 cm

Rennfahrer und Frau (2023)
old cardboard, chulk, crayons, different cut outs from newspapers and books 24 x 18 cm

Sassy Seahorse (2015)
Cotton wool, watercolours, one wing of geometra papilionaria subrigua and cut outs of a newspaper 35 x 35 cm

SHE (2015)
Flying Seeds of Petasites, Glass, Paper, Crayons and natural Glue 40 x 20 cm

Shifu (2019)
Crayon, watercolour, pencil, pen, findings from a butterfly zoo, paper 45 x 38 cm

Vergessene Schamaninnen (2020)
Cardboard, found and collected butterfly wings, natural glue 20 x 35 cm